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A Quick Q&A with Craig, Our CEO

Q: What are you hearing from customers today?
A: Most every company today is in some form of transformation, one way or another. Or, they are planning a transformation for their company. This makes for a great partnership opportunity for IMAGINE to help show them a better way. Leaders today are all looking for a better way, and we find ourselves playing a bigger role for them more and more, which is what value-added is all about.

Q: Describe the culture at IMAGINE?
A: It always starts with the customer. The Customer is Why. Without satisfied customers, we can’t achieve our goals. Our people certainly understand this, but more than that, achieving success for our customers requires sharp, talented and passionate people across every function to deliver on our promise of finding a better way. Our culture and our teamwork centers around meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs. Our team members who excel at this, find this a great company to grow your career.

Can You Imagine Yourself Here?

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